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Stardust Serenade

Melodies of the Night Sky

By Eliani SuarezPublished 23 days ago 1 min read
Stardust Serenade
Photo by Haonan Zhang on Unsplash

Beneath the canopy of midnight blue,

Where stardust whispers, dreams come true.

Celestial symphonies, silent and grand,

In the velvet embrace of the cosmos’ hand.

Twinkling lights in a dance so bright,

Each star a gem in the tapestry of night.

Stories untold in constellations' embrace,

Echoes of eternity, in shimmering grace.

From Orion’s belt to the Pleiades’ glow,

Legends and myths in the heavens flow.

Galaxies swirl in celestial ballet,

A cosmic serenade, night and day.

In quiet moments, beneath the moon’s glow,

Stardust whispers, a tranquil echo.

Eternal melodies, gentle and clear,

Stardust serenade, forever near.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Eliani Suarez

Writing poetry allows you to explore the realms of creativity and imagination. It encourages a play of words, metaphors, and symbolism, enabling you to craft vivid and imaginative worlds.


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    Eliani SuarezWritten by Eliani Suarez

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