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Spring Has Sprung

Early Flowers

In Bed Together.

Spring has sprung in an explosion of Easter colours

coming forth to greet their Creators they open their petals in praise of new life.

Yellow Mellow

New Life in Yellow

Strong are the colours of early Spring,

as if trying to catch your eyes with their beauty,

they display for all to see.

Blue is the colour.

Nature's Beauty

Out of one small seed comes the complexity of the whole flower,

yet the Scientists say: "It is all by chance," which is folly to the wise who know there is no chance,

but Creators of such beauty.

The Beauty Bed


Altogether they rise as the Sun shines,

greeting each day with joy as their new lives begin in Belfast,

in the man hut of the Shankill,

a project in progress.

Multi-Colour Beauty

Up Close and Personal

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Aunidan Christi KPGS
Aunidan Christi KPGS
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Aunidan Christi KPGS

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