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Soul Encounter

by Geo Flores 9 months ago in love poems
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A mystery that our physical humanity is not meant to understand.

Soul Encounter
Photo by Johnny Kaufman on Unsplash

What is it about this soul whose eyes remind me of a lake during sunset? What is it that makes me light up and feel so full of life?

The dark eyes that come with a wave of love and a speck of sadness.

Right now I don’t feel a bit of romantic emotion, not even lust.

Instead, it's like an oceanful of the purest form of love, care, and appreciation.

I don’t understand it nor do I want to.

Two complete strangers, how is that possible?

the familiar feeling of having met somewhere else?

Another lifetime maybe.

Is it romantic love? Affectionate love? Passionate love?

I just feel like I want to know that soul, get close to it, understand how it works, what did it come to do on this earth, how it views the world.

I want to let it occupy the space between my neck and breast. Let it wet my shoulders with its tears and deaf my ears with its laughter.

I just want to be there for it. For everything. Always.


That is the biggest mystery of it all. A mystery that our physical humanity is not meant to understand.

But strange sweet soul... doesn't that make it more beautiful?

To play a spiritual game of Marco Polo,

taking turns finding our costumed souls over and over again.

Colliding and missing one another

for all eternity.

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About the author

Geo Flores

I’m Geo, a writer, illustrator, and graduate student of Family Therapy. I believe in the importance of sharing information and knowledge so I write about mental health, spirituality, and psychology to inform people about these topics.

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