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11 years of bloody war

By Abu KamaraPublished 5 months ago 2 min read
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

Never MUST it happen again,

Not even in our dreams must we engage in combat.

To fight and to kill what do we gain?

Our differences we must not take offense at.

11 years of bloody war,

Great opportunities we shut the doors.

11 years of downfall,

I am not here to lay blames at one’s door.

But who do we blame?

Is it Kadenka, Bai Bureh, Shenge Pieh or Siaka P. Stevens?

The notorious ruler that ever lived.

He captained this country for several years,

All he was interested in were things that were infinitesimal.

These were his sayings: “when I say Bailor Barrie, you say David Snikle”

Ah! From that time total anarchy bulldozed the republic of Sierra Leone.

11 years of blood shell,

Everywhere we could hear the sounds of bombshell.

When some infidels,

Metamorphosed into rebels.

Yes, I saw them everywhere,

Taking innocent lives unaware.

The citadels of learning went down,

Hospitals went down,

Women brutally raped,

Girls sexually penetrated and subjected to polygamous marriages,

Youths became useless in the street, and

Corruption succeeded eating the fabrics of the society.

Our borders were closed,

My homeland became a land of terror,

Scaring investors away.

Those who were meant to defend us, protect us became enemies to us,

And then we cried for peace, unity and tranquility.

Because there is no winner in a war

Amidst several negotiations.

In the Abidjan Accord, the Conakry Accord, the Lomé Ceasefire Agreement, and Lomé Peace Accord and the Abuja Ceasefire Agreement,

Fragile peace returned to Sierra Leone.

But the August 11 insurgency was a reminiscent of the 11 years bloody war,

Sierra Leoneans, experience they say is the best teacher.

Let us learn from history where souls were massacred and butchered.

Never will it happen again.

Not even in our dreams must we engage in combat.

To fight and to kill what do we gain?

Our differences we must not take offense at.

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About the Creator

Abu Kamara

Mr. Abu Kamara holds a master of Arts Degree in Peace and Development Studies from Njala University Bo Campus with 8As and 4Bs in various courses. He also holds a FirstClass undergraduate degree with Honours in Social Work. He is a lecturer

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