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Solitude's Song

Melodies of Reflection and Renewal

By Eliani SuarezPublished 22 days ago 1 min read

In solitude's embrace, a melody unfurls,

A song that echoes through the silent world,

Notes gentle as the morning mist's caress,

Soft whispers of a heart that seeks to confess.

Amidst the quiet, where shadows softly play,

Solitude's song unfolds its soothing sway,

A symphony of thoughts in tranquil rhyme,

Echoes of solitude, a timeless chime.

Each note a sigh, each verse a sighing breeze,

Carrying dreams through solitary trees,

A chorus of solitude, serene and pure,

In whispered melodies that endure.

No audience but the stars that brightly gleam,

No stage but the moon's soft, silvery beam,

Solitude's song, a gentle lullaby,

To calm the restless spirit's weary sigh.

In solitude's embrace, the heart finds peace,

In the rhythm of its own release,

A symphony of solitude, profound and strong,

A song that whispers solace all along.

nature poetry

About the Creator

Eliani Suarez

Writing poetry allows you to explore the realms of creativity and imagination. It encourages a play of words, metaphors, and symbolism, enabling you to craft vivid and imaginative worlds.


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    Eliani SuarezWritten by Eliani Suarez

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