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Soldier's Lament

By Victor MendezPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Kirt Morris on Unsplash


written 10/20/2016

How long have I lain here..?

Am I really dying?

Not more than a few minutes' worth..

Or an eternity it seems.

I feel..

My jaw slacken and I marvel,

Death is a wondrous thing...Awe full really!

Comes with no instructions...

How to bear it,

Nevertheless, He comes at our call and...

Only with regret.

Sits down sadly, comforts you...

Knowing you are done yet!

She holds your hand, a cold death grip...

Pardon my morbid pun of pain.

I set my thoughts, my past...

In order!

He is patient. true, done this many times prior...

With more than you.

Practiced. In his own way kind,

Through the ages, escorted many...

Through a faltering mind!

She slides a bony hand across your brow,

While you recount the days you forgot,

They become the now! The moment!

I can't seem to move..why?

He peers into my eyes..

Guides me to the start,

Mom smiles a coo..

Dad proud as punch at his first glimpse,

Of his little buckeroo!

A few years later,

Riding his shoulders..

My knee scraped good on them stupid boulders!

Mom's kisses a sweet tissue,

Makes the pain a non-issue.

Kindergarten, Elementary, memories and friends..

A kaleidoscope of joy,

Brings beginnings to their ends.

Relive each moment in post0regret,

Of life done too soon,

Things to do yet!

Remember my teens,

Plus a few of the in-betweens..

I wished for something different,

Joined the Few, the Strong-Magnificent!

Now here I lay,

Talking to this shade!

Don't make this painful,

He I asked,She I begged,

Hoping those I leave remember to make lemonade.

Good night! Good day! I feel..

My soul giving way.

You loved me, I loved you..

We'll meet again..

Somewhere, some way!


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About the Creator

Victor Mendez

Born in 1958.There's a lot of road beneath these feet.Worn out pairs upon pairs of shoes.Been a ranch kid,a city kid,a Marine,a dad, a grandfather now,an avid reader and just recently began writing poetry in 2015 just to vent.

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