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So smile

Inspired by Raphaël's song "Et dans 150 ans" (And in 150 years)

By Tony herlinPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
So smile
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And a thousand years from now, we won't remember

All these people almost dying in our arms

Rivers that are black, we don't know how

Honest murderers who take the money

Of this world that is collapsing, of this world that forgets

That the beauty of the world must be allowed to live on

So too bad

And in a thousand years, we won't remember

Of these books that claim to give virtue

A certain future filled with light

You've got to take a ticket, or you'll be left behind

You have to look after others, not just yourself

That's what they say, but not what you see

So too bad

And in a thousand years we won't remember

Of the roads that lead us and the paths we've lost

Of its broken hearts, of the tears that roll down

On our reddened eyes, our sinking feelings

How a ship capsizes on a stormy sea

Setting adrift to be forgotten

So too bad

And in a thousand years, we won't remember

Our first kiss, the caresses we waited for

The beat of your heart, your fragile hands

Of your soft skin that makes me stupid

And when you ask me, can we still love each other?

I'll tell you: in a thousand years, it's only just begun

So smile.


About the Creator

Tony herlin

A dreamer who neither speaks nor writes English, a difficult but highly instructive exercise. (Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused).

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