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Smoke and Mirrors

by MALE AMATEUR 9 months ago in love poems · updated 9 months ago
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The Sex-Love Trap

Smoke and Mirrors
Photo by Nina Hill on Unsplash

Gardens of orange fruit,

roses of thorns that prick,

ill trees that cannot bloom,

northern night that freezes

dreams of love and friendship,

religions of torment.

Only when I saw your

radiant, beautiful

gay face could I truly

ascend to a higher

state of true love and peace

mixed in with games and lies.

Priceless pearls reserved for

rare or beautiful men.

Antidotes for freedom,

no freedom for my pride.

Angels hug me only --

very soft, in my sleep.

Poisons that make me weep,

altars of idols sent

nearby your house where cries

deliver my soul to

imprisonment within

tombs of flesh and nations.

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