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Skin Deep

Beauty in every shade.

By SeyurPublished 7 years ago 1 min read
Beauty in every shade.

Sun-kissed, her ripe soul ready to be plucked and placed in a basket with all the important things

her presence screams

in the voices of Davis, Giovanni, Shange

words flow to a frequency that can only be digested when spoke in staccato

engulfed in her vibrato

One must be nuts to not keep her with the important things

She smiles and grins as if she holds the secret to why Lauyrn's 'Everything is Everything'

She captures rooms and places

bridges gaps and spaces

her curls keep climbing gravity-defying earth

at the highest peak when life has beseeched

her hands show no wear and tear from its work

You belong here

and if anything

everyone else is the foreigner.


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Music Connoisseur, Lover of the Arts, Urban Genius, Author, Writer, Creator and a plethora of dopeness! Bringing vernacular to your soul.

IG: seyur_mine

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    SeyurWritten by Seyur

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