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Six Sultry Sirens

Seducing Sailor Sam.

By Alvin AngPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
'The Sirens' by Wilhem Kray (1874). Source: Wikimedia Commons

Six sultry sirens surround

Sailor Sam


Sam - stunned, sophomoric - said,

"Surely sirens sanctify sex,

so sex

should sanctify sirens."

Siren Six sneers. "Sorry. Slay

such stupid sophisms, silly sophist.

Sirens seduce sadly, sophisticatedly - sans saintly satisfaction -

so said Sirens shall survive."

Saying so, Siren Six sings.

Sweet scintillating sounds


Sailor Sam.

Smiling, smitten,

Sam sways, surrendering


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Alvin Ang

👑 Writer of scandalous stories. Author of "National Service: Confessions of a Skiving Soldier" and "Confessions of a Singaporean Weed Smoker." Buy my books here!

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  • Alex H Mittelman about a year ago

    Wow! Really great poem!

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