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by Vivi Vanille 4 years ago in love poems / list

Would you drown to be with her?

Eyes that looks right through your soul

A voice that makes your blood run cold

Words that makes you go insane

A body that will numb your pain

Nails that scratch you just like knives

A face that makes you question life

Lips that tastes just like the spring

A mind that never lets you in

Nothing's ever as it seems

Is she real or just a dream

Follow and you'll soon find out

Ignore the calls and angry shouts

Take her hand and fall into

the deep and never-ending blue

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Vivi Vanille

Been writing poetry since i was 11 about how sad I am (though I exaggerated a lot) and the teachers were like *Good job girl, A+" Meanwhile I'm writing about different ways to commit suicide. Best teachers rite dere.

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Vivi Vanille
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