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Chapter 1: Dark Knight <The Book of EL>


Feeling a growing darkness within my heart, civil conflict, a war of eternity, devastation manifesting internally,

watching as the world revolving slow, as time devours my soul,

weather's cold, whether snow or bright sunshine,

lost territory, confusion on what's mine,

light me up, or I'll sink into darkness,

make me a vessel, not purposeless carcass,

I die a death befitting of my transgressions, I smile a lie full of depressions,

my joy screams out beneath the oppression,

My God please take control before freedom becomes obsession,

I face my fate but yet remain faceless, the strength remains equals to a man so faithless,

I carry a cross not afraid to be crucified but the fear of being buried in my sins are reason to hide,

it's a battle of the flesh, the war of the spirit, Lord I cry to you please answer if you can hear it

Kingz Letters
Kingz Letters
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