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by Sean Noble 10 months ago in social commentary


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Money, Money,


Stupid money,

Rich until I am considered a fool,

Silly money, Silly like Billy,

Living poor is Fill with sympathy,

Living broke that's a pity.


Mansions.. No sad stories,

Living for the bread,

Everybody needs the cheddar & crumbs.

To get the money Nothing silly,

Want to hold money so badly,

Love the chase does she?

The love for you

If money only knew,

Stay close, no need to ostracize.

So Rich I can buy my Princess a pony,

Genuine Friends amid,

The pretenders are phony.

These girls can be tricky.

Time is Money,

Silly Money right around the Clock,

Money brings enemy,

Like Tv So they watch,

Books can be boring,

It's the money been studied.

Love the greens,

Vegetarian is Healthy & expensive,

Bachelor Degree in Farming

Start sowing the seeds

I want my very own Money tree.

social commentary

Sean Noble

Poetry from the spiritual mind expressing my feelings to the best of ability. For all readers to read with a passion of excitement, sadness Life's experiences express through my thoughts.

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