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It's all about the perception

By Alyssa RobertsonPublished about a month ago 1 min read

A black cat perched and watching,

from his favorite porch spot.

Ears twitching from side to side,

Through deafening silence can hear quite a lot.

An owl sits too,

In a tree just above.

Although no wiser teacher,

The skill still to be mastered is love.

What a concept to have!

That creatures can love as we do.

Closed off to those wonderings?

Then how do you find what's true?

Every animal is mysterious in their own right,

They follow a much different law.

None carry the need to constantly fight.

A mother willow standing tall,

Wind blowing in warm.

All the medicine one could need,

Should sickness come in with a scorn.

A bright, young ladybug,

Crawling a top a sunny leaf.

If only he understood how far he would need to fall,

to gain ultimate relief.

Truly all of these souls,

Can not be too different from ours.

Although there may be one or two,

That look like they hail from Mars!

nature poetry

About the Creator

Alyssa Robertson

Mother to five beautiful souls, one never met. Photographer, artist and writer. I love animals and nature and I love giving a good read and opportunity for others to fall in love with a story.

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    Alyssa RobertsonWritten by Alyssa Robertson

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