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Silly Beasts

This one's for the men....

By KiKi WalterPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

The twitch in my eye

Is just a little ol’ reminder

Of what men put me through

The scars on my knees

Are God’s lipstick stains

Imprints from what we’d do

The smirk on my face

Is from knowledge gained

After years of tears have flowed

You silly beasts altered my tapestry

But I obliged—

I know

No longer lining up for me

To play their little games

Old and fat and gray is she

My noose was all for show

But here’s the beauty of that knowledge earned

Those little boys were just lessons learned

And through my eye twitch now I see

An old, fat, gray broad—happy and free.

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About the Creator

KiKi Walter

I am The Memoir Queen...

Writer. Editor. Memoirist. Humorist. Born and raised in the Adirondacks—now living in Orange County, CA. I love nostalgia and have a snarky sense of humor. My writing influences are David Sedaris and Dorothy Parker.

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