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Silent Wild

Fleetingness of Nature

Silent Wild

Life sadly singing by its highs,

long lives its old to sleep.

Of silent sighs and lonely skies

will windy nights now weep.

Now fleeting beats so pale will fly,

that only keen men chance.

In watchful eyes and willful lives,

only the free still dance.

How soon passed its heavenly flow,

its singing shores so bare.

Flights alone will beauty forgo,

and ever its streams stare.

Sweet cries of night, hold now, subside!

Your unsung holy dream

will soon sound loud, but softly bound,

caught light in God's great seam.

nature poetry
John Howland
John Howland
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John Howland

Just a man who loves the simple things in life: Mountains, music, poetry, photography, and coffee...definitely coffee. Hold on scratch that, now I sound like a hipster.

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