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by Raven Diamond 9 days ago in sad poetry

A short poem

My heart is quiet and cold

He walks away as if we are not friends of old

It seems today I am just one of the crowd

Why must this silence be so loud?

My voice chokes up

All my sadness bottled up

Down my face tears wish to run

Why can’t this day be done?

I try to fake a smile

Six feet under has become a mile

He ignores me…

Why can’t I just leave?

My nose begins to run

But I can’t let the tears come

I must stay strong

Why has this day turned out so wrong?

I don’t know what to do

I wish that fact wasn’t true

I reach out for his hand

And on his it does land

But he doesn’t grab nor try

God, why can’t that be a lie?

Our hands brush ever so lightly

I guess he has no time for me

Down the stairs he goes

His bad mood in tow

Up the stairs I go

My broken heart in tow

A few tears leak out

My mind is full of doubt

I fake yawns to him the tears

I don’t want my classmates to jeer

Later I’ll use the headache excuse

To cry my eyes out without excuse

Why didn’t I follow him down the stairs?

Was it because I thought he didn’t care?

I should have tried harder to make things better

Maybe if I wrote him a letter…

Who am I kidding?

With love there is no winning

There is only stalemate

I feel the tears trying to open a floodgate

I know he didn’t mean to make me feel this way

But I was already having a bad day

I woke up on the sad side of the bed

Making my body lead

I desperately needed him, but I was forsaken

For my spot beside him was taken

I walked around trying to clear my mind

Hoping he wouldn’t think I was unkind

But now he thinks he is forsaken

He is clearly mistaken

And so the misunderstanding began

One can still hope for a happy end

sad poetry

Raven Diamond

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Raven Diamond
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