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A Poem


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It be not the dark out

Nor insomnia as he holds me to my mind

As he seeks for that last breath

He feels I owe.

It be neither the wet noise that

I allowed that night to drown

The house along with me

It may be the hope for hope

Be it the voices

Voices I fear to listen to,

As they cause me to befriend

He, insomnia and they, they that

Drown me all night till dawn,

And night again

They that try to steal from me that

Which I would, willing to give away with my

Last breath, for they all fail.

It be the voices that I fear in

The silence of the night and not

Its dark, making me fall for he that

Helps me keep wake at night,

And they that drown the voices in my head

Along with me

For I would fall for all the evil in the world

To keep the evil inside me in silence

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BlacQ Tales Bopape
BlacQ Tales Bopape
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