Shouldn’t Need More

by Jack Williams 2 years ago in sad poetry


Shouldn’t Need More

Wrote this today after what I can only describe as another blip.

Shouldn’t Need You

I know one day you’ll put me first

I know one day your bubble will burst

I know one day you’ll make me number one

I know one day I’ll be done

When I text you, phone's in your bag

When you’re with me phone's in your hand

Empty promises

Broken prophecies

Telling me “I love you”

Never coming back but I love you too

Fed up of excuse

Can’t take the abuses

Gonna rebuke it

When I go out I’m loyal to you

Tell every girl I’ve found my one true

Make sure I keep you updated

You don’t, this love is overrated

I fucking hate it

Because I’m the mug who don’t fake it

Don’t play it

But now I’ve been played

Tempers frayed

I kind of still wish you’d stay

But that’s life I’m afraid

I had you Round last night

You stayed morning bright

You rushed home like I was a stranger

Told me you’d be back

But now love's in danger

I message you once

Nothing comes back

I message you twice

I’m being stabbed in the back

It hurts like shit

So where are you right now?

We break up

But we make

A new life I had to take up

When you change yourself you know it’s love

When nothing’s gets changed enough is enough

You blame it all on me

I’m stupid so I say sorry

I wanna DIE

Who the hell I gotta be

I’m not proud of me

I see what you see

But I’m too loved up

Maybe too fucked up

Maybe that insecure

And you don’t reassure

So I take the abuse

Accept your excuse

And still beg you for more

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