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Shingled Hearts


By Kathy GPublished 6 years ago 1 min read
Wet, cold toes and shingled hearts...

My body aches with a glow of content

Muscles burned up by passion

I am a phoenix of mellow intent

As we edge by the waves crashing.

Wet, cold toes and shingled hearts

Drown my soul in a flurry of magic

And all the stars we cannot see paint

The sky shades of beautiful tragic.

Swathed in sparkling cloaks of light

We waltz between the hours

And lean into the velvet night

With all its misty powers.

Waking in the aftermath

A pale blue light filters in

To trace the contours of your face

And fill the shadows in.

The gossamer veil falls from my dreams

To let the day creep in

For now I float in the hazy bliss

Of the world that you dream in.

love poems

About the Creator

Kathy G

Kathy is an Irish writer and journalist who is crazy about cats and playing the ukulele. She loves to write about matters close to her heart and help fight the stigma against mental illness.

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    Kathy GWritten by Kathy G

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