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Shell Shocked

Office talk

By El PoetPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 4 min read

An alien to your mix,

hard of hearing...

Your language is

alive in this matrix...

These human beings

are abrasive

to the kid...

I'm shell shocked

Not to be specific...

with mo' answers

Than a Cancer

In this bi'h!

But from the Atlantic,

Not the Pacific Northwest...

I'm thinking astrological

Mortal Kombat...

Ready to finish them!

No crab legs or novels

or newspapers,

I've read...

I miss Virginians,

Home is where the heart is

Only in Chesapeake (chest I peak),


all through Hampton...

Don't ask me, why

I'm laughing...

Nah, this is Richmond (rich man)!

Where they split wigs,

if you tripping!

Say something dumb,

and get left dead!

Innocent bystanders

hold up their thumbs!

They understand quotas

as I stand over

a greedy man,

controlling his bluff

Get your hands

out of my pockets, bruh!


This is a shake up...

We see you got

weaknesses and stuff!


You and your pride

is having a break up...


Earthquakes create

boulders, bold rush...

Look at his face

and shoulders...

Your plates can't

tech tonic!

That's a fresh way

of saying,

I drive-up,

get a shake at Sonic...

and out here

they still waiting

for me to

make sense of

my ebonics, mane...

Cold chills,

I gave off this!

As if

fresh was

a frozen topic,

my frame will

stand still

like a mannequin

abandoning a brand...

This fly pigeon shit,

I'm grateful for,

my center is a Staple!

The droplets

hit different...

When in reign mode


when you know how to

make it rain though...

This is that

new religion,

they came fo'

when we make sense of wraps...

they still

can't relate though...

My man,

I can,

plus I do...

I'm damned!

Still I manage to

push weights though...

you wish you could,

but can't

rub off

a genie from a lampshade,


So anxious

for those pesos...

I make cents

from sinsemilla!

...they don't

make dough,

they still fronting for

a slice of pizza!

They ate

the whole eighth before

pay was received! Yo...


There are no




we rake in...


we don't


grow on trees...


it's proper...

Through the eye of a needle


the precious,

chosen treasures...

I speak those


that demon deacons breath...

Spoken words

from the lesser

of these two evils...

Guns to ya face,

desert eagles

for dessert...

And I ain't even

messing with

these people

or flirting

with these

police folk...

They can't

contemplate what's

inside my temple's


or what's in between

my earlobes...

That ain't to be equal...

Fuck what you hear say!

Oregon (or a gun) going to

have to get tucked,

in a purse

in order

for her to

have funds....

Conning the don,

you can't,

unless a condom breaks

...sounding like pop pop...

let's shake

like pop rocks...


I am your father!


I shall rebuke ya'

I want no problems

with these devils...

I harness

the god body

to upgrade and


to higher creative



I ran several

and won some

gold metals...

by reverberation

and brute force...

The copper tone,

bronze skin

melanated mind,

is like Bruce Wayne is

not so modest...

and Thomas

is not at home...

He's out working,

door knocking for solar

trying to find

a silver spoon abroad...

far from fetched,

of course...


my fork is

all in tune...

The sun's rise

and kisses the moon,


Romance from the sol's (soul's) glance

I guess...

As we express

the pleasures

of experience

and mood...

Yes, we do

by celebrating

pagan rituals

on holidays,

being holy waves,

sun bathing on

oceanic Sundays,

sí (see, sea)!

UVA rays pierce the eye...

What's in mind?

All official,

that's the only way...

All in due time

as we grew

our grains...

"Let thy food,

be thy medicine"

Hippocrates to

Thomas Jefferson

He who shine's

like Charlemagne...

No lion's mane

mushrooms but...


is the only game!

And I ain't trying to

kill the dude...

nor trying to

come plane (complain)

with these aviator shades...

my savior has gave...

That's the king

of the jungle!

So let him rule,

his long range!

All this, I view

from my

perverted brain...

I'm not confused

nor insane...

Just dealing


my splitting


Oh, life sucks

for a Charlottesvillean's taste!

At least



has CBD

in it,



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El Poet

Subscribe, so I can provide something magical while striving to be autobiographical. For the life of me I shall not take a sabbatical. I'll keep writing these apical poems, as longs as it's fashionable to my passionate flow. Let's go!

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