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Shattered Glass

I've created a beautiful nightmare.

By Isis Lyons Published about a year ago 1 min read

I know better.

I know better than to step on shattered glass

Though, I can't help but to sink my toes onto the shiny crystals;

The more I feel the pain I begin to become numb to its sting.

I start to believe that this pain is good for me,

Only because I'm immune to this pain.

Little do I know it shattered my nerves.

Matter a fact I fall backwards,

My head falls to the ground,

Now I have brain damage.

That's okay because now I can't see.

I'm free from the pain the shattered glass caused me.

Can't you see this is what your love does to me?

You're shattered glass...

My feet,

My feet are the steps my heart took to get to you.

Now my heart is shattered too.

All because someone shattered you.

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Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing. If you enjoy any of my stories please stay tuned and subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

Instagram; @isisthepoeticgod


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    Isis Lyons Written by Isis Lyons

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