Shameless Love

by Anastasia Grant about a year ago in love poems

For: The Wild Romantics

Shameless Love

Give me your breath that breathes in life to every part of my being.

My existence.

Give me that sweet freedom where I throw my head back laughing,


Show me how you touch my soul without trying to.

Show me how to expose my heart to the world without getting hurt.

Tell me that it is okay to over analyze

Over think



Tell me that it's okay to be myself because I can never become somebody else.

Love me in every way imaginable and kiss every inch of my body.

Make my skin shudder under your breath.

Make my lips part to receive your kiss

And my heart open to receive your love.

With our beautiful, passionate, tortured souls intertwined,

Who would dare stop us? Watching her,

God, she's so beautiful.

I want to crawl inside her space

And stay there for awhile.

She's absolutely perfect

With blonde hair, satin to the touch

And shining hazel eyes, like fairy lights.

Her lips, supple pink rose petals.

She's soft but not fragile.

She's strong but not proud.

Her femininity shines vibrantly,

Blooming at the peak of early spring.

She blossoms like a red rose bud;

Her arrival premature, unexpected,

But welcomed with open arms.

I love her. I love her.

Her voice sings of a thousand melodies,

Penetrating me like Cupid's arrow.

I can't get enough of her sweetness.

God, she's so beautiful.

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