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Shadow Work

by Alainna Cooper 4 months ago in inspirational

Finding Myself

Shadow Work
Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash

i’ve been lost for a long while

searching somewhere to belong

but never quite fitting into anyone’s style

like a chameleon changes colors to blend

i matched my surroundings to fit in

i was never fulfilled

because i was never myself

i didn’t know who i was

too busy trying to build

some version defined by everyone else

never taking the time to address my needs

or even think about what i want

i was lost to my own shadows

hidden in my own darkness

allowing my demons to feed

off my insecurities

accepting a spiritual death so slow

i didn’t even know

that it was happening

but at some point i lit a candle

the flame was low

still it shined so bright

i began to speak to it with love, kindness and compassion

i needed to grow the light

i needed to get up and fight

my doubts and my fears

so i got to work

embracing my darker side

it’s nothing to be ashamed of

it’s nothing to hide

i just needed my own acceptance

i needed to love all of me

and now that i do

no longer do i aimlessly roam

no longer am i afraid to be alone

because within myself

i found my home


Alainna Cooper

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