Shadow Kissed

by Lucy Lim 2 years ago in sad poetry


Shadow Kissed

She enters the room.

He exits.

They cross.

It feels intense,

her stare is fierce.

Eyes of a tiger, ready to pounce.

He is dazed.

Eyes fixated on her overwhelming aura.

She faces forward, and walks off.

He watches her as she silently leaves, cascading up the stairs.

Those eyes.

Powerful and strong willed.

Eyes of a beast.

I'm captured.

She didn't mean to stare,

she crumples the sleeves of her shirt roughly,

It wants to feast,

the creature inside of her soul.

Dark and lonely is her only home,

no interaction.

Before it comes unleashed.

Chaos will spread.

So she keeps it in,

the darkness in her hollow heart.

sad poetry
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Lucy Lim

20. College student. Visual Artist. In my free time I like to write, sing, cook/bake, garden and play musical instruments. 

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