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Serenade of resilience

A tapestry of heartbreak and the smooth dance of destiny

By Nnaemeka Mmesoma Published 13 days ago 1 min read
Harmony unraveled…(a poem)

In the tapestry of existence, where threads intertwine,

A poem unfolds, a tale so refined.

Not of silk and skin, but of the heart's smooth break,

A narrative where emotions gracefully partake.

Within the symphony of heartache, a melody profound,

Smooth as the notes in the quietest sound.

For in the subtle cadence of love's retreat,

A seamless heartbreak, a rhythm discreet.

Silken strands of sorrow, delicately spun,

A tapestry of emotions, a story begun.

Smooth as moonlight on a tranquil sea,

Heartbreak whispers, so poignantly free.

Now, beyond the realms of love's sweet pain,

I navigate troubles, a dance so sane.

Smooth steps on fate's mysterious floor,

Escaping turmoil, seeking something more.

A choreography with destiny, so light,

Smoothly gliding through the darkest night.

Troubles, mere shadows, fleetingly cast,

In life's ballet, a smooth escape amassed.

Life's design, a mosaic so divine,

Smoothly interwoven, each intricate line.

In every knot, wisdom delicately weaved,

A tapestry of lessons, a soul relieved.

Thus, the dance continues, smooth and free,

A poetic rhythm, a life's journey decree.

Heartbreaks etched in verses profound,

Smoothly navigating, destiny unbound.

surreal poetrylove poemsheartbreak

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran13 days ago

    This was so poignant and beautifully written! I loved it!

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