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Sensible Rant

by The Dani Writer about a month ago in performance poetry

Today ain't the day

Sensible Rant
Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash

Still just wanna go HOME!

Wanna leave.

Wanna be somewhere else




What is this nonsense?

Time filler? Waste product?

In context,

in priority,


So had e-friggin’-nough.

Levels of ludicrousness breached.

Signposts on the wall.

Breathing space way too small.

Shits and fucks about to fall.

This is stupid.

So much lacking.

*Sigh* *Grunt* *Groan*


Abnormal if you don’t wanna

glare and scowl

stare and howl.


Home wins hands down.

No contest.

No más.

Everyone should have a ‘Go directly home’ card

to use once a month if needed.

People come with requirements.

Sane people.

Reasonable people.

People who would rather not make sensible rants.

I retreat into my own little world.

Through the door

bags dropped shoes off lock turned up the stairs quick shower.

Candle lit.

Under the covers.

Antisocial my ass!

100% completely social with my SELF.

Taking care of me

nurturing replenishing renewing

Doing anything

other than pure straight-up nonsense.

By Chris Thompson on Unsplash

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The Dani Writer

My earliest memory is of being in ocean. Born and raised in Bermuda, I lived a childhood made of pastel joys. I've learned to make a delicious vegetarian lasagne, train as a registered nurse, and keep the juiciest of secrets. @thedaniwriter

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