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Seeking Solace

by M J Graham about a month ago in sad poetry · updated about a month ago

An escape from my unfortunate reality

Seeking Solace
Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

With every breath I take,

My lungs bleed.

It feels like I’ve been running for so long

That I will never make it home again.

You see, home isn’t a place of solace for me.

Home is where I sleep at night.

It’s where I eat.

It’s where I make small talk in the loungeroom

before retreating upstairs to find some peace.

Home is where I look both ways before exiting a room.

It’s where I think twice before voicing an opinion.

It’s where I measure my own worth

against their unrealistic ideals.

It’s where I fail to measure up every time.

So, I keep on running.

Every step,

Every breath,

Taking me further away from home;

Closer to a place, I feel like I’m meant to be.

* * *

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