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Seeking Meaning's Light

Wandering the Labyrinth of Life's

By Loua NicPublished about a month ago 1 min read

Traversing eternal darkness
Solitude accompanies each stride
Wandering the silent stillness
Seeking meaning hard to find

Shadows chase and haunt without rest
Whispering winds disturb the heart
Loneliness howls in heart's recess
Seeking meaning to guide, nothing less

Gloom encroaches every corner
Trapped in a labyrinth of quiet muted
Adrift in a tumult of uncertainty
The search for meaning never concluded

In the dread of night's dreadful might
Grappling with the vaults of emptiness
No matter how weary my hands may fall
Life's meaning I shall never possess

In despair, I lay my heart to rest
Conceding to my cursed fate's behest
On the brink of endless pitch-black
Meaning just a mirage to which I lack

inspirationalMental Health

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