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Seeds Of Color

Love All Colors

By Annetta BrownPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Seeds Of Color
Photo by Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash

By Julie Marsh on Unsplash

If you ever wanted to plant seeds......

Begin in the ever fragile mind of a child

while their thoughts are new and innocent

while their at play as baby fawns out in the wild

Teach them the meaning of the colors around them

so that they will learn not to judge and condemn

By Amir Esrafili on Unsplash

RED: Symbolizes passion, strength, energy, and action

it stimulates, motivates, affects attention, and pays caution

it gives confidence, sexuality, courage, and desire

teach them the opposite and the knowledge they will acquire

to know how to handle anger, revenge, danger, and aggression

teach them how to cope and turn it into a positive expression

By Luca on Unsplash

ORANGE: Symbolizes enthusiasm, emotion, optimism, and youth

it encourages, stimulates, uplifts, and communicates truth

it gives free will, positivity, creativity, and warmth

behaviors of self-display, oppression, and impatience they can transform

By Serafima Lazarenko on Unsplash

YELLOW: Symbolizes positivity, happiness, optimism, and intellect

it gives inspiration, amusement, energy, and clarity is its architect

moods of cowardice, caution, egotism, and deception it admires

enthusiasm, curiosity, thought and perception it requires.

By Roya Ansari on Unsplash

GREEN: Symbolizes safety, growth, harmony, and health

it restores, balances, relaxes and encouragement is its true wealth

it gives hope, prosperity, luck, and generosity

inexperience, materialism, judgment, and envy is its curiosity

By Magdalena Smolnicka on Unsplash

BLUE: Symbolizes responsibility, security, trust, and loyalty

it protects, relaxes, calms, and supports confidentiality

gives confidence, reliability, honesty, and peace

yet it's conservative, depressed, passive, and gives predictable hostility.

By Arūnas Naujokas on Unsplash

PURPLE: Symbolizes Imagination, royalty, spirituality, and mystery

it enlightens, uplifts emotions, encourages and inspires human history

it enacts compassion, fantasy, creativity, and wisdom

be aware of the sensitivity, immaturity, and emotional illusion-ism

By Michael Held on Unsplash

PINK: Symbolizes love, femininity, playfulness, and compassion

it calms, nurtures, comforts, and sympathizes through fashion

it gives intuition, warmth, kindness, and romance

beware of the troubled, timid, immature, emotional dance

By Timothy Tarasov on Unsplash

BROWN: Symbolizes comfort, stability, honesty, and reliability

it simplifies, protects, grounds, and stabilizes irresponsibility

it enhances appreciation, dependability, wisdom, and support

but can be boring, dull, timid, and predictable to report

By amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

BLACK: Symbolizes sophistication, protection, power, and elegance

it mystifies, seduces, intimidates, and secures independence

it gives formality, prestige, authority, and strength

keep the depression, grief, and sadness at length

By Brad Newcomb on Unsplash

Last but not least for there are many colors here is

WHITE: Symbolizes cleanliness, innocence, perfection, and purity

it refreshes, purifies, simplifies, and balances insecurity

gives goodness, hope, openness, and clarity

the opposite is boring, distant, empty, and cold in severity

Plant seeds of color everywhere you go…

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About the Creator

Annetta Brown

With pen in hand and heart laid bare, I write a chronicle of experiences, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary verses that resonate with the universal rhythms of existence.

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