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see you around

a poem.

By Skylar WhitneyPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

it's a small town,

I thought,

and as such I'd have

expected to have

seen you around

by now

but you've disappeared and I

try my very best to

stay away from any place where

I might make your

unfortunate acquaintance

once again


I long to see you;

but I don't

I wish to reach out;

but I won't

keeping track of

the days, and

keeping tabs on

your face, and

the internet has grown

awfully comfortable in guessing

just where my next search

might be

take me there

and show me, please

all that which I

really don't want to see

but one day


sometime soon―

although, I

don't have

much hope at all―

but a day will arrive

where my first instinct

in the morning

is no longer to

check on you

but to give you the day

and get on with mine

love poems

About the Creator

Skylar Whitney

Introvert at heart. Lover of journaling, free-verse poetry, and poutine.

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