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By: Mahenow

By M PervezPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Quest for the Echo: Embarking on the Search for the Call

And your feet stopped marking marks.

You stay there all alone.

In the Deep and warm heart of soil

Beneath the feet, but in the core of life

You choose the solute and left us,

You grasped the shadow, the silence.

You hugged the land and lay there.

Dissolving your features, becoming one of it

Leaving many words and unspoken,

Stories without conclusions

You left your last image faded.

Letting the hands choose the colors.

For the last time, you called the name.

It was in the life of the worldly world.

Far away from the reality of life

Far from the truth of existence

What was it, you called the name?

Unable to hear, deprived of senses.

The name remained lost in the life of the world.

The world still exists, with open bulging eyes.

The worldly world is here, full of glitters.

Wrapped in false realities.

Demanding begins to live to catch the pace.

The name is surrounding by worldly matters.

It searches for the call,

The call you gave once, the last time.

It begs, it orders, and it demands.

To be called again, one last time

And she finds you living alive,

Complete and happy, free of flaws

Standing straight, full of life

Healthy you, the smiling you.

The Brave and the bold

On the chest of heaven

In the heart of reality

You cling the death.

To remain alive

In the words to speak

In the call to hear

In the acts to lead

And in the life to live

It disappoints also strengthens.

It digs water from dehydrated caves.

It pinches the heart with painful emotions.

You handed the story.

Written but blank pages

Complete but incomplete chapters

With hopes to be read

With dreams to be written

Leaving the pen to choose the ink.

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