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Sea of Galilee

Watching from the shore

By Sarah Fiander HarrisonPublished 29 days ago 1 min read

I walked along the Galilean shore,

As I had, countless times before;

And I saw a boat come sailing in,

Coupled with the most almighty din!

A young angry man, shouted to the shore;

As he had , countless times before.

His brother shouted his reply,

As I glimpsed a stranger strolling by.

He stopped to watch this scene unfurl,

And he brushed from his face, dark brown curls.

He shielded His eyes from the sun,

As the row went on and on.

The stranger watching, laughed out loud;

And gathered about Him, was a crowd,

They looked as if they waited for,

This stranger to speak upon the shore.

Andrew pleaded,

'Simon, please, can't you see,

I have brought a Rabbi here with me.

He needs us both, him to follow,

We must leave upon the morrow.'

Simon, who would Peter become,

Squinted at the stranger highlighted by sun.

‘Leave your boat and fishing then..

And I will make you a fisher of men!’

Simon gestured to the nets,

That were barren of fish, bereft and yet

The Rabbi now on the boat, softly prayed,

As glints of silver under the water played.

‘Cast the nets and bring aboard;

Your catch will be as never before.’

And with that they hauled the nets,

To see the very best catch yet.

Simon for once, was silent when

He knew he would be a fisher of men.

And so his current life he left behind

To follow the Saviour of all mankind.


About the Creator

Sarah Fiander Harrison

A lover of animals, humans and our magnificent world. A heart bypass warrior, a mother, a wife, a poet!

A singer of songs, lover of life, so many things inspire my poetry. A Christian, I'm not religious, but I have great Faith in Our Lord.

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Comments (1)

  • Esala Gunathilake29 days ago

    Ah it is nice.

Sarah Fiander HarrisonWritten by Sarah Fiander Harrison

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