Scapegoats Everywhere

Rant Poem Dedicated to Scapegoats

Scapegoats Everywhere

If a leader is always to blame,

Us Charlie Browns must claim pyramid tips

That easily wave to the clouds and sun.

Ironically, the closest we are to the taste of power,

Is when mistakes are poured on our heads

Leaving a stench of "Berate us please"

So authority grows only on the outside.

We try to saw ourselves from that past,

But the chain gets thicker

And as authority grows,

We get quieter.

Don't catch us baaing our minds

Don't expect us to bury them in proof

That we're more than just the stench they bestow upon us.

Don't expect us to show potential.

Don't expect us to rebel.

They'll erase our proof

They'll silence our good

They'll spray us with "Berate us please"

And we'll never ram our way out.

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Monique Star

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