Say Something

Please just talk to me.

Say Something

I Feel Like My Lover Is a Stranger Looking Back At Me,

Tell Me If You Still Love Me,

Please Just Say Any Words,

I Can't Take This I'm Cracking Up,

Do You Understand The Torment That You're Doing To Me?

How Could You Do This If You Say You Love Me?

I Think I've Had Enough!

All The Things You Never Say Or Do,

All Going Through My Head,

All The Things That You Promised,


Understand If You Ever Truly Loved Me,

I Feel You Lost Your Way,

If You Can't Love Me,

Then Just Let Me Go.

Crystal Korpan
Crystal Korpan
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Crystal Korpan
I recently published my poems at Pagemaster Publishing my book is called Different sides of me. Thank you for enjoying my words .

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