Savannah Ghosts

by Ecarg Nosive about a year ago in love poems

River Street Hopes

Savannah Ghosts

Weeping willow trees lined the Savannah streets

Look up and see the branches connected in rippling veins like the ones in your arms,

the heat

So humid between us, lots of sweat rolled off our fingers

The beat of horses hooves on the concrete in the distance as we discovered your new freedom

The quakes from the boats moving down the Savannah river matched the wrinkles on your face when your smile took over it as you giggled

Our future full of what-ifs we went to go get it told by a lady who could see it

She was closed so we made up scenarios in our heads

Let’s leave this haunted town and rid of the ghosts in your bed

Alleyways full of brick roads and walls so thick

Pushed me against it, your lips softer than the Savannah moss

We fit like the pirate gloves of the reenactment actors

Lost we were but found we felt

Only for a few moments


rain trickled as I brought you home

One last hold before you had to go face what was wrong

You weren’t mine to love

But the lust so strong, you kept it going because in person we were magnetic

Pulled like the moon and Tybee’s oceans' genetics

Our last hug I almost tore up I sent you on your way to destroy what you loved

I just wanted you to be loved back they way you should

Shouldn’t have intervened but she gave the permission that we could

Never meant for it to happen but then her manipulation stood like an art students belief in themselves

So proud of being up to no good

Reminded me of the ghost I brought to Savannah

Couldn’t let her corrupt him

Even though he was her number one fan and

It just so happened

He finally did it

He released the devil that kept him from himself

He released the reason he always needed help

He destroyed his heart while doing it but he’s done that time and time again

So he went through with it

I played his songs for him that week, a playlist long with his name on the title so neat

"Michael Cera’s Clay Pigeons" played on and on as I weeped

Not just for him but I was leaving

too, my old stomping grounds where my ghosts lingered through

Wondered if we would ever meet again and make two, saw him one last time to tell each other the truth

Unexpected rocks at my window instead of a text of “I’m here”

It’s the little things you did that left me breathless, unclear

You had a poem for me

A poem for the poet

No one but my past ghost has ever taken the time to write one

And I knew what it said

Oh yes I knew

There’s nothing else that needed to be written

Instead of talked through

our lips that couldn’t be ridden

From each other

They just kept on giving

You picked me up in your arms

Gived into one last kiss

One last kiss

Then you left in your truck that you now basically lived in

I wished you luck

Then read what you’d written

We agreed on love

But not the kind we had with them

We’d never get them off our minds

This was just the beginning of trying to find

Ourselves without being an intertwined demon with no disguise

just love’s blind eye

So we went back to where we came from

Went north, left Savannah’s Romancing aroma

Back to the reality that stole us

We talked here and there but mainly for condolence

Then we stopped because to be fair the lust was what controlled us

I checked up on you every now and then

Saw you happy in nature’s soul but I guess the northern air

Suffocated you slowly

Because now you’re back with death

Couldn’t handle being on your own and

I completely understand

Sometimes I want to go back to my black hole but

You were just so innocent

Genuinely kind and focused

on being you alone

But I guess you are as weak as you said

Sorry I had faith you’d progress

I guess it’s a good thing I that left

Let’s be honest we wouldn’t be able to resist

But thank you for that time with me

Thank you for being so sweet

I hope she doesn’t destroy you as much as you’ve been

I hope she can adore you just as I did

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