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Salt Water

by Nathan Heard 4 years ago in nature poetry
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A Poem

Salt Water

It always brings to bear

everything that you want

not to consider.

It surrounds you,

and if there is so much

as a tiny nick in your flesh

then it will force you

to acknowledge it.

How much more so

with a gaping abrasion.

And yet somehow

it has a way of healing

despite the pain it inflicts;

for while yes, it burns,

when you emerge from it,

you are cleansed.

Much the same in life.

All too often you may feel

as though you are drowning

in an ocean of torment;

but keep your eyes above the waves,

for this is purification.


This poem is the second in a collection of four. If you liked this poem, please check out more at my website nathanheardwords.com! You can also find me on Facebook @HeardWords, Twitter @N8HeardWords, and Pinterest @HeardWords.

nature poetry

About the author

Nathan Heard

I'm 20 years old, working on my sixth novel and publishing poetry and short stories in the meantime! nathanheardwords.com

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