Nathan Heard

I'm 20 years old, working on my sixth novel and publishing poetry and short stories in the meantime!

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First Fall
a year ago
Curious the joy that we take in a light fall of snow. Powdery, wet flakes swirl down from the sky, precursor to a curse of worse to come. For in the first fall we think not of the heartless cold that ...
a year ago
I’ve been in this nest for my whole life, I think; my wings are stronger now, my feathers more firm. A fledgling, am I ready to fly as those before me have flown? It is what I have dreamed of, a momen...
Salt Water
a year ago
Salt Water It always brings to bear everything that you want not to consider. It surrounds you, and if there is so much as a tiny nick in your flesh then it will force you to acknowledge it. How much ...
Sea Glass
a year ago
Half-buried in the coarse sand, mostly submerged under a sheen of foam constantly renewed by the now gentle, now violent lapping or crashing of the waves, a glimmer of pale, translucent green catches ...
a year ago
It springs from the ashes of a devastating fire and yet I cling to the chance that the pain, the charred ground, the wasteland, can somehow provide the ground, the foundation, the nutrients that the s...
Behind the Screen
2 years ago
Our conversation lulls for a moment too long, and I feel awkward, uncomfortable… unsure what to say or do next. So I pull out my phone. By now it’s a reflexive defense. I thumb through various screens...