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Run Like A River

Motivation Boost - Elevate Your Drive

By PriyaPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Run Like A River
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The Sky is one,

Wherever you see.

There always a town,

Whatever path you take.


Even when love fails ,

There is a love.

Even the rain stops,

There is a drops.


Clean your heart ,

With cleansing tears.

Clean your soul,

With endless love.


Always a day,

We can't tolerate the heat.

Always a night,

We can't tolerate the cold.


Put your head,

Always straight.

Move forward,

Future is bright.


Life is hard,

Don't give up.

Take a stride,

You grow up.


Take your chance,

Break the rules.

No more fear,

Act with fire.


You're the star,

Forget the dark.

Run like a river,

Never stand like a pond.


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Comments (7)

  • Hunter Smart11 months ago


  • Marina Batista11 months ago

    Beatiful 💜

  • This was so amazing and powerful! I loved it!

  • DEEPA P11 months ago

    very nice poem....

  • Smarthub11 months ago

    beautiful poem!

  • PP11 months ago

    very nice!

  • Hunter Prawin11 months ago

    Nice motivation poem! Good work!👍👌🤞

PriyaWritten by Priya

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