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Ride with Me

by Duanyell Williams 5 years ago in love poems
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"Until the Wheels Fall Off" Pt. 1

I'm gonna give y'all a little mini series type thing over the next couple weeks😛

The sun's just setting and I'm sitting on the back of my all black Wrangler


Thinking about where to go when I skip town tonight...

Thinking about how big of a mess to make before I do...

Right as that thought crossed my mind,

I'm seeing a girl walk down the street

She's the only other person out and about besides me and she's gorgeous...

Absolutely gorgeous...

Stunning in her purple floral romper and jandals.

She's got the look of someone who's lost in a new town

Slightly confused...

Eyeballing street signs...

Far too intrigued by the antique stores on this Main Street we're on...

She's walking closer.

Straight towards me...

I'm direct

She comes to me and I say,

"You're cute.

Take a ride with me.

Just for a bit...

You're new and I've been in this city for too long

I can show you a few ropes

You have a nice smile

And your eyes are pretty

They're my favorite shade of green

They look wild and intense

Like something free

You could be refreshing

You're something like me...

A libertine thing.

Anything we do together will be pure...


Straight from the heart

We're two mercury lions that found each other roaming aimlessly through reality...

Intuitive and fluid

We can intertwine and dance in the nighttime sky without a care in the world..."

She's in my arms as I lean on the spare at the back of my jeep..

Her back's against my chest.

I kiss her head and begin to whisper in her ear...

I feel like rhyming, so I tell her to

"Be my little piece...

My tommy gun

We could take a bank


Better yet, be my Bonnie

Thoughts black?

Let's have at a whole town and paint it red.

Oh my dear, Eva Braun

We can't get caught if we're dead..."

She giggles.

I nip playfully at her ear.

More giggling.

She's darling.

I like this stranger...

I lead her out to the front of the car

We sit on the fender

Side by side

Hand in hand

It's just about time for the first relief.

Give or take 4 minutes...

I'm parked right in front of "Marmy's China & Glassware Shop"

We have the best seats to the show...

After a moment of silence and looking at the sky, she ask's me, "What's beauty?"

Her voice is smooth and sultry like a flute made of ice and coated in maple...

It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

Another moment passes...

I kiss her hand and run my thumb along her knuckles and I answer

"Beauty is brief...

It's a happening that isolates you and makes you question everything in an instant.

It envelopes you completely then vanishes, leaving an elusive koan.

It can't be understood, so it's timeless and it can be chased forever...

It's asymmetrical but aesthetic

Offbeat but melodic

Spontaneous but perfectly timed"

As the words passed my lips, there was a loud, crisp explosion and crackling coming from the shop

The pretty little thing at my side tenses at the sound and squeezes my hand as her heart jumps through her ribs...

I raise her chin so our eyes lock

"Don't be scared, darling.

That's just the starting pistol of the night, telling us to live fast."

Another bang...

And then again...

Her hand's sweating.

Pupils dilated.

She's excited...

She asks me "What's going on?"

I watch the art break with flashes of light through the shop's massive windows as I answer her...

"888 pencil bomb's are playing percussion with fine china.

It's an exhilarating sound, isn't it?"

"How'd you pull this off?"

She asked after a fit of laughing and nodding

I guide her by her hand, pulling her in front of me and she spins around so we're facing each other

I give her a little chuckle, then say

"Oh, you know...

Called in a favor from an old friend.

The fox loves things like this...

He worships chaos.

He and his cult rigged the shop with 12 hour delays for me.

Now hey, you...

No more questions.

Enjoy the show."

She smiles at the words and pecks my cheek as she lets go of my hand and kicks her shoes off

Frolicking and turning through the sounds almost like a child at play

She's exuberant...




I'm not even paying attention to the damage being done on the inside of the shop anymore...

I'm totally captured by her silhouette as the bombs light the night.

Her body moves with a hypnotic rhythm until the last bomb bursts...

After the works, she moves slowly towards me

Golden hair flowing in the slight breeze passing us by...

Full lips curled in a smile...

And her eyes...

I see her jade eyes in the moonlight as she stalks closer...

They pin me to the bumper as she takes her slow, steady strides.

They seem to glow with impishness

Like a playful predator...

Before I can react, the precious cat has me in her paws...

She pulls me into a kiss that sets me aflame with sterling sensuality.

Our lips part and our tongues meet and mingle

Whirling and twirling in wet union

This could go on until the end of time and I'd be content...

Unfortunately, red, white, and blue lights illuminate the horizon and sirens grow louder

Cops are no doubt speeding the way here to check out the ruckus...

We've stopped kissing, but we're still locked in embrace.

Her hands are clasped and resting behind my neck

Mine clasped at the small of her back

She smiles that mischievous smile of hers and plants another quick kiss on my lips then skips a step back, disengaging herself

Exaggerating a sigh, she she giggles and says "Leave it to pigs to ruin a good moment.

Let's get outta here."

She winks and prances around to the passenger seat

I take one more look around my stomping grounds as I open my door and I see the little lion's slippers in front of the shop...

I move to go and get them and she calls out to me

Stopping me.

She says to "Leave them there.

They'll be a symbol of my life just starting."

love poems

About the author

Duanyell Williams

I like to tell stories.

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