Resentment or to Love

by Laura Skillen about a year ago in love poems


Resentment or to Love

As I grasp on your face

As simple as can be

I know you are for me

Together, in our cherry tree

Loving as much as can be

Your lips I taste

They're sweet such as my plea

Infront of me

Is you I see

Blending all anger into an endless key

For a future I can finally see

I grab your arm

I am no more under harm

It's the life I began to hate

Without you im an endless state

Are you my lost soul mate?

The one who's here for the great

Oh please let this be fate

The shouting and the yelling

With this sadness there's no telling

If we have let forever go

But once we know we don't let go

Until we back to our feet

At last, at first we meet

Like at first when you said

Those three words

Just there, closure

Happiness, silence

Sunlight exposure

Those brows crossed over

Like a pretty bow

So still so silent

From Ciao to ciao

I love your lips

That button nose

And your finger tips

Each day you know

Forever is a long time to go

As your heart is as warm as a stove

That always grows

For me you always propose... 🍂

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