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Time Capsule Haiku

By Jon H. DavisPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 1 min read

The jar of tears I

shed for you is testament,

let them quench your soul.

The Time Capsule Haiku Challenge presents interesting possibilities for sparking the imagination, encapsulating the nature of time and space in unexpected perspectives. This is one of the 17 haikus in this series I have recently created.

We, at Northern Lights Studio, educate, entertain, and enlighten. Our followers discover intriguing stories and images gathered from our travels all around the globe. You’re invited to explore.

-Jon H. Davis


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About the Creator

Jon H. Davis


Jon H. Davis, is a digital alchemist, and explorer, who documents the natural world and cultures with words, photos, and videos. View more of his work with partner Iris Brooks at their NLS website, www.NLScreativemedia.com

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  • Dooney Potter3 months ago

    Simple and powerfull and so much is unsaid and yet it is all implied, all the emotions behind the tears come through regardless of detail. What matters is the feeling. Though the enjambed first and second lines gave me pause at first (not typically fond of this device), then I was taken to that single “I” floating at the end of the first line. Hmmm, I think, does this “I” self-centeredly screams “look at what I’ve done for you; it was I”? I can almost hear the emphasis on that single self-referencing syllable. But then “let them quench your soul” softens that initial energy and wishes then well. I get a dichotomy of strong pain and anger and yet a wish for the other party to heal.

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