Remember What Happens in This Bed

by Yvonne Knight 2 years ago in love poems


Remember What Happens in This Bed

Remember that whatever happens in this bed,

Secrecy is to be pledged,

All day sexual fantasies in my head,

Of you and me having sex in my bed,

Let's go under the covers,

My perfect lover.

My tongue lodged in your mouth,

Then urging you to go south

Kissing me opposite end of my mouth,

I start to moan,

You start to groan,

As you go inside,

My sexual side I can no longer hide.

You ride me so well,

Soft and gentle first,

Tears make my eyes swell,

I feel like I'm going to burst.

I sit,

To sip,

Your lips,

You grab my hips.

You ride harder,

I scream louder,

Screaming your name,

Your driving my body insane,

My body in pain,

And still I want to ride,

On top I'm in control,

So do what you're told,

Or the punishment most severe.

The end is near.

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