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Regret Nothing

by Jennifer Petersen 4 years ago in sad poetry

Life Is Yours, Make It That Way

they say feelings come and feelings go,

so why must I suffer so?

these feelings, just never go away,

the more I ignore them, the farther I stray.

clinging onto my meaningless filled life, tends to do nothing but stir more strife.

when everything I held so dear,

is only staring back at me through a two way mirror.

they know that I am here,

only they can no longer steer...

for my actions are my own,

and for that, they are left in the cold.

selfish is, as selfish does,

but they forget all that I know is selfless love.

taking care of me, is all that I want to do,

but for some reason, I have gotten stuck on you.

bringing me happiness for a short amount of time,

I should have known better, than to start calling you mine.

living with this undying lust,

has filled me with unnatural trust,

for when the high wears off,

everything is once again, a grieving loss.

the days will continue to blur into one,

and my nights will be filled with what we call fun.

learning who and what I really am,

is where I now have taken my stand.

going astray in so many wrong ways,

is going to push some people away.

this is the beginning of only a part of many goals,

and I will have end up rising above many poles.

please do not fear for my intentions are not bad,

and there is no reason for anyone to feel sad.

for once I get through this,

people will regret what they have missed.

sad poetry
Jennifer Petersen
Jennifer Petersen
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Jennifer Petersen

love to think and pour my thoughts onto paper... i enjoy writing mostly poetry, but also enjoy to envelop myself in deep thoughts of humanity and life ...

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