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“A little bit of love goes a pretty long way.”-Weezer

By Amy LovettPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

In ten years time

I hope you look back at the person you are today

With absolute love and understanding

I hope you say “Thank you for all that you are and all that you do.”

I hope you recognize the strength and beauty in you

I hope you see the struggles and insecurities with perfect clarity

I hope you view the sparkle in their eyes and are happy that they chased their passions

I hope you embrace them and think “You made me who I am.”

I hope you observe the daily routines and are glad that this younger you made the effort

I hope you are impressed by all that your past self accomplished, overcame

I hope you revel in the experiences that you sought out and enjoyed at this time

I hope you take delight at your style, your wit, your charm

I hope you love the people that you decided to connect with, that they are still precious to you

I hope you look back on that dreamer with fondness

I hope that you see you, really see you, for who you are


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Amy Lovett

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  • Karen Sevenoff2 years ago

    i just love the way this piece encourages kindness towards ourselves & our journeys. thank you Amy for your heart of wonder and the generosity you share.

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