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Covid got me feeling some kind of way…

By Amy LovettPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Önder Örtel on Unsplash

A gasp, a cough, a little wheeze

Sunny days off with a gentle breeze

Fever dreams and an occasional sneeze

Days run together, there’s so much time

Unbroken sleep, no alarm bells chime

A yawn and a stretch as I flick thru prime

Relaxing has always been so out of reach

Serenity lies heavy now, a blanket on the beach

Silence so loud no music can breach

I wait impatiently for life to resume

Inhale catches, breathe out to make room

Watch from the window as fireworks boom

Being forced to slow down by my own self

Learning to put errands back on the shelf

Can I take this peace with me into the future?

Put it in my pocket and take it out later

When work and life demands that I cater

And caring for myself earns me a hater

For now I breathe slowly, but not too deep

Five minutes of activity, then back to sleep

The toll this virus takes is none too cheap

sad poetry

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