Reaching Out to Silence

By Brianna Galligan

Reaching Out to Silence

The times grow harder still today

For, from my mind you will not stray.

I try to move and carry on

And all I hear is the same old song.

You made me laugh, you’ve made me cry.

You’ve made me blush before your eyes.

I wish I could just speak to you

And hear your words. Just one or two.

I still keep faith someday you’ll call

To prove I was not wrong to fall.

I love you more just as my friend

Than I think you realized in the end.

You made my day and took my nights

You made me smile even in fights.

Your understanding was the key

To help me unlock the real me.

The pillow stays a constant thought

Of all the stories we have wrought.

The blanket warms but not like you.

The color, now yours, my blue.

I stare at stars up in the sky

And wonder if life passed me by.

Up till now I did not know

What I was missing ‘til I had to go.

Each dawn I wake and think of you.

My mind keeps holding on to truth,

I cannot get you out my head

Or get the memories out my bed.

How can I sleep or dream of life

When now my soul still battles strife.

It’s been too long to go without

A word from you, or just a shout.

I don’t know why you cast away

The things we had and how we play.

I wanted not but be friends after

Which now I see caused untold disaster.

So I will wait and long to hear

A word from you, longer than I fear.

For you’re the one I took a chance on

And I can’t believe you now are gone.

Brianna Lynn Galligan
Brianna Lynn Galligan
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Brianna Lynn Galligan
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