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Lost in the Land of Nod

By Taylor InmanPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
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I awoke in a land not my own 

Gray skies and golden sands shown 

An alien desert of vast scale 

Forms the origin of this tale 

An unspoken journey across the landscape 

Urged forward by the need to escape 

A sudden dip looms before 

The group of myself and several more 

Within the pits of sand, a giant beak 

A subterranean threat we didn’t seek 

Brought to this world in the midst of sleep 

We were unprepared for what lurks deep 

Surviving and bypassing the pseudo-Sarlacc 

We knew there would be no going back 

At the edge of the sands, a forest thick 

From afar it must have been a trick 

Only when drawing closer did we see a fright 

Upon each tree, gaping mouths, teeth shining white 

The next steps of our journey, in a forest bizarre 

Seeking to find the civilization afar 

Passing willows with vines of innards 

To find a final destination for saints or sinners 

We knew not what brought us here 

Or pushed us forth with waves of fear 


A final plight blocked our way 

A river of acid – or who could say? 

It was clear we could not wade 

And looming threats meant we could not stay 

The only choice to set us free 

Was to scale a silent, screaming, gaping tree 


Crossing over the false river Styx 

Our destined safe haven just a few more klicks 

We emerged from the graphic thicket 

And we could not believe it 

As we approach the city about which we spoke 

The dream ended, and we awoke 

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Taylor Inman

I'm a Computer Engineering major who enjoys reading, writing, fitness, and Crafts, and who occasionally writes stuff that can be published. Most is opinion, some is fact, a good majority is fiction - unless otherwise specified. Enjoy!

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