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Raised by destiny

Anxiety smoothing over in the process

By Kalina BethanyPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Raised by destiny
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This destiny appeared


as bright as the sand

against the rough water spraying,

ascending over the shallow blanket

feeling like home

to these chilly feet beneath,

its rough and ragged skin

sinking into this ground

smooth and crackling

as glass tends to,

and silky as the dew

against the rocks being held

where the blue sky goes

as it meets the lonely land hereto;

its opposing habitant

of Earthly life and heat

where I was given dreams

unique to this body

provided by a Christ-like spirit

to be accomplished quite like glass -


as that sandy beach

with imperfections hiding beneath,

not on this open window pane

but hollowed within membrane,


where only I feel the depths

of its pain slowly sinking

like ambered ink

into the depths

of anxious defeat,

too hideous to be shared

as a mirror to other beings

so these dreams shatter me,

glass cutting deep


through these feeble feet

whose only job it is

to guide me steadily

through this journey sparked suddenly

though not so new to me

as this destiny sprung onwards

has me believing in this thing

called reincarnated beings,

tortured by dreams

until we finally see


not as a reflection of our past,

but a horizon

as deep and clear

as the Pacific ocean stands

on a calm summer day

where the sun shines anew

gleaning over its sandy bay

that each fresh start flows to.


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