by Skylar Rella about a year ago in nature poetry

Peaceful Poem


Rain hits the roof with a soft drumming sound:

Constant, steady, and relaxing,

While simultaneously grim, gloomy, and mysteriously unsettling.

I stare out the window

And watch the sheets of water that fall from the sinister sky,

Bouncing off the uneven ground

Before becoming one with the rippling puddles,

Reflecting the image of buildings in an abstract distortion,

Warping my sense of reality.

Delicate hands hold my instrument loosely

As I watch the water pour.

The Earth takes its cleansing shower

As I quietly strum simple, random chords in a familiar pattern

While humming along to the improvised tune in my mind,

Spilling out of my soft lips in the form of musical ponderings.

nature poetry
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